Little Crabs and Water Guns


bassil jody shore

The crabs are all in there, hiding.


You should have seen my three year old son’s reaction the first time he saw real live crabs at the beach. Eyes big as saucers, he was the picture of amazement as he followed the sea critters digging holes everywhere.

He quickly made the connection between the sand holes & crabs: those hollow openings meant there were itty bitty crabs underneath them. I’d hear squeals of delight here and there whenever he spotted an errant hermit crab or two skittering by the shoreline. Only the tips of the hermit’s tiny legs were showing, obscured by the shells they carried on their backs.

My little one would shoot at the crabs with a water gun. Most of them retreated into their holes to hide from the onslaught, but a few of them bravely crawled out to take a peek at this big, lumbering, mischievous creature taking pot shots at the sand. The curious ones seemed to relish the fresh water lightly sprinkling their hard bodies. Perhaps it was a welcome change from all that seawater surrounding them.

I loved hearing my little boy’s laughter at this simple, playful activity.

As I watched, my mind wandered off ¬†and starting to think thoughts of courage, open mindedness, the brave little crab’s spirit of adventure, & the ease in which a child expresses exuberance & joy.

I quickly snapped out of my reverie when I felt squirts of water tickling my arm, & realized I had become the target of a little boy’s water gun amusement.

Tickles & shouting & giggling & lots of running around ensued.

{No crabs were harmed for the duration of our stay.}

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