38 Truths in 38 Years

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Watching Alicia Keys live, spending time with my family, having an unobstructed view of the cityscape while enjoying a scrumptious dinner at Vieux Chalet (thanks for the yummy carrot cake, you guys! and my little boy enjoyed playing with Agila) are the highlights of my birthday. I am ever grateful to my hardworking husband & sweet little one for their presence in my life, for reminding me of what matters most.

Here are a few truths I’ve picked up on my stint around these parts, so far :)

  1. Stop waiting to be picked. (Seth Godin)
  2. Ship! (Seth Godin, again)
  3. Work/life balance is a myth. Choose tilting in its place.
  4. Children can teach us more about the meaning of life than any Philosophy or Theology classes ever could, if we pay attention hard enough.
  5. Experts aren’t always right. Do due diligence.
  6. Love really does conquer all. (Platitudes & cliches endure for a reason!)
  7. Staying married is a choice. (Choose your love, love your choice)
  8. Experience (& memories) trump things. Hands down.
  9. Vulnerablity is a strength, not a weakness.
  10. Travel, but don’t be a tourist. Explore a place like a local. Doing so erases misconceptions & highlights humanity’s commonalities more than our differences.
  11. Live in the present. Make the most of what you have right now. Squeeze the marrow out of life (yes, I did just write that down, cliche police :))
  12. Time is a non renewable resource. Use it wisely.
  13. Examine your reasons for passing judgement. Is it to feel better by making others look bad? To feed you ego? If so, the urge to criticize is all about your own issues, and not fueled by a need to help. Avoid this as best you can.
  14. You can only teach someone who is willing to be taught. An unwilling student will not fully grasp the lesson (what’s that quotation, about the ready student?)
  15. Lead by example. Action speaks louder than words. Kids will follow what you do, what they see, not what you say, however loudly you say it.
  16. Make time for exercise. You’re not getting any younger!
  17. Be of service.
  18. Don’t regurgitate mainstream “truths”. Seek both sides of the story. Find out the truth for yourself. Question everything. Never accept facts at face value.
  19. Be frustratingly unlabelable. Don’t rely on spin doctors to define who you are. Be an introvert hermit one moment, and a social butterfly the next. Engage in an intellectual discussion with an expert, then spend time watching Women’s Professional Wresting. There’s no need to force yourself into a paradigm that doesn’t’ feel authentic.
  20. Someone’s delight is someone else’s drudgery. (Seth Godin)
  21. Comofort zones should constantly be challenged, but don’t lose sight of your real preferences while you’re at it.
  22. Forgive past mistakes. You made those decisions based on what you believed to be the best choice under those circumstances.
  23. Listen to your gut. Follow it.
  24. Surround yourself with uplifting, positive people. You become the 5 people you spend the most time with. Negativity from pessimistic people will rub off on you, no matter how positive you try to be.
  25. The best things in life aren’t things.
  26. Read the Desiderata frequently.
  27. A piece of art, a piece of writing, will never be perfect, but finish it anyway. And ship!
  28. The pain of not writing (or heeding your creative voice) is worse than doing it. Exposure, rejection, & criticism will always be part of a creative life. (Stephen Pressfield, paraphrased)
  29. Shunning your talents to follow a safer, conventional life path destroys your integrity. You are not honoring your God given gifts by doing so.
  30. The louder the Resistance, the closer you are to releasing your work of art. Don’t give up (Stephen Pressfield)
  31. Originality is overrated. “Amateurs imitate. Professionals steal.” – Picasso
  32. Never take yourself too seriously.
  33. Choose Natural and organic food in place of processed. Good food makes you feel better.
  34. Motherhood is a tremendous honor & an important vocation. Always remember that.
  35. Life’s too short for negativity, or aimlessness, or watching too much TV. Create more, consume less.
  36. Make time for what you love. No excuses.
  37. Forget perfection. Choose life (Brooke McAlary)
  38. Never stop being curious. Don’t allow jadedness to take away simple joys. Choose optimism.

6 thoughts on “38 Truths in 38 Years

  1. Veck Alonzo

    Hi van! Things you wrote are very inspiring. I’m really grateful that our paths met. Hope we can see each other again, soon…. God bless

    1. shedmom Post author

      Ms. Veck! Thank you so much for dropping by my little corner on yhe internet :) good memories whenever i think of you :) hope to see you again soon!

  2. Rebecca

    Thanks so much for the post I needed to remember some of those like surrounding myself with positive people, Motherhood, 38 and 31. All are very awesome and great things to remember from time to time.

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